Nothing reassures us like Scripture. Every time we turn to the Bible, we are reminded that mental illness is not a new phenomenon, that God has a lot to say about self-care, and that we are made for a purpose. This is a curated list of the verses we find most relatable, encouraging, and educational.


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CategoryTopicKey MessageDetail
ScriptureDepressionRegardless of our family circumstances, God welcomes us in to His love. He patches our heart’s deepest wounds.Psalm 21:10
ScriptureHope,PrayerIt reminds us that we are not the first to have these experiences

It reminds us that God has not abandoned us and is mightier than the moment or the season that we are in and He conquers all
Psalm 77:1-20
ScripturePrayerWe can use this as a prayer when we are in our darkest moments.

It reminds us that we are not the first Christians to live with these pains and sufferings; our experiences go all the way back to the Fall
Psalm 143
ScripturePerspective,PurposeOur battles may not make sense to us today, but God’s work has a purpose.John 13:7
ScriptureHope, PurposeSometimes, we just need to be reminded that not only do we have worth, but God desires us and wants us.John 15:16
ScriptureSalvationUltimately, our struggles and our internal battles are temporary; God delivers us from this struggle.Romans 7:14-25
ScriptureSupport, BelongingEven if our family, friends, co-workers don’t understand our battles or don’t support us through them, God is with us every step of the way.Romans 8:13b
ScripturePurposeGod made us this way for a reason; we have worth and value in God’s eyes.Ephesians 2:10
ScriptureBelonging, PurposeGod gives us a place in His family through our adoption as His true child. We have a place in the Body of Christ, and we are a dwelling for His Spirit.Ephesian 2:19-22
ScripturePrayerWhen we feel alone in our desperation or our desire to simply join God in his heavenly kingdom, this psalm shows us that we are not the first and that these prayers – as all prayers – are holy and Biblical, too.Psalm 6:1-7