The 411 on Coping Strategies

We hear a lot about coping strategies, and it’s not always clear what the term means. Eating better? Exercise? How are “coping strategies” different from “daily self-care?” Do we use them differently? All good questions. Let’s dive in, shall we?  Learning...

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Positive Coping Strategies

As we discussed in an earlier post on this topic, positive coping strategies help us handle the the bumps and bruises life sends us. For some of us, using positive strategies doesn’t come naturally. Maybe we’ve tried before, with mixed results. We may even be afraid...

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Negative Coping Skills & Shame

It’s almost a given that those of us living with mental illness have and use negative coping skills. Often, we know exactly what they are, too. I’ve sat in more than one group reading off a list of negative skills and with quiet nods of agreement all around me. Where...

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And……We’re Launched!

This is it - we're launched!! Join me as I make the announcement! In this video, I share the genesis of the ministry, the meaning behind the name, and the message of hope we want to bring. I would love to get your feedback on the ministry and the video in...

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The Importance of Routines

Routines—we all have them.  Some of these routines are intentional - such as the bedtime routine - and others are ones we fall into. Routines are important for all of us; they create predictability and provide comfort. For those of us with mental illness, however, our...

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Everyday Rest & Relaxation

R&R. Vacation. Time off. PTO. Whatever you call it, in our society, taking time to rehabilitate ourselves from the day-to-day grind is desperately desired and often neglected. Too often, we only think of “rest” as what we do on vacation, or the weekend. What if we...

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Opening the Door to the New Self

When we think about changing our minds and how we think, we often think of the perfectionism or fears we live with, and focus on how to get rid of them. The apostle Paul challenges us to think differently, to think of changing our minds as part of the process of putting on our “new self.” One practical way to do this is challenging our Thinking Distortions.

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Putting Together Your Self-Care Plan

Even when we know the importance of putting together a good self-care plan, it can feel overwhelming to do. Four pillars? Each pillar has multiple pieces? The heart races and the breathing gets shorter. Sometimes, we’re not even responding to the actual task of...

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