Why We Are Here

Wounded Birds Ministry exists to educate, encourage, and support those living with chronic or trauma-induced mental illnesses.  Born out of our own journeys with mental illness, our goal is to meet those in pain with compassion, encouragement, and practical advice. Mental illness has an unfortunate stigma attached to it and we know education is a key component to breaking it down.


Core Beliefs

  • Mental illness is a brain disorder
  • Medications are provided by God as part of the healing/remission process
  • God uses mental illnesses to promote spiritual growth: either in ourselves, or others we touch
  • Our “best” is not the same from one day to the next
  • We can live fulfilling and purposeful lives, in spite of (and sometimes because of!) our mental illness
  • Recovery is multi-pronged approach that includes prayer, self-care, therapy, and often medication
Teresa Colon

Teresa Colon

Mission: compassionately educate on the true nature of mental illnesses; encourage with hope, prayer, and spiritual insights; and to support those who live with either a chronic or trauma-related mental illness. Teresa’s own experiences with bipolar disorder and related traumas help her move beyond the often simplistic answers the Christian community offer for mental illnesses. She loves to share the hope, knowledge, skills she learned along her own journey to health.  She runs several support groups that cover a variety of topics, including core skills for mental illness, and trauma groups related to sexual assault/abuse, abortion, and broken relationships.