There are many incredible people researching, investigating, and educating the world on mental health. Here, we share a few of our favorite videos that cover these topics.


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VideoThinking Distortions - Rejecting the PositiveLearn about one of the most common Thinking Distortions: Rejecting the Positive. What is it, what underlies it, and what's a good thought pattern to replace it with? We cover all those questions in this brief video.
VideoThinking Distortions - Focusing on the NegativeDoes that one negative comment in an otherwise wonderful situation throw you off? We discuss that and some ideas on how to change it in this video on the common Thinking Distortion, "Focusing on the Negative."

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VideoBipolar, Depression, Mania, TreatmentIn this PBS documentary, "Ride the Tiger," we get an entirely new look at the cycles of depression and mania and what they look like inside the brain.