Community Helps Us Heal Faster

I grew up in a very strong church community. My parents were deeply involved in our parish, so everyone knew them and by extension, me. We spent a lot of time at church, and all my friends were from church (or our parish elementary school, which I attended). I would...

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Triggers: Understanding and Management

It was supposed to be a fun exercise. I was digging through pictures from high school, looking for some photos to match up with a funny story I wrote about my life. As I waded through the photos, I waded through memories until one brought me up short. It was a simple...

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Identifying and Managing Cycles and Triggers

One of the benefits of coming to acceptance with our diagnosis is that we get serious about getting better. Typically, the first thing we learn is to “control what we can control.” Often, this involves medication, therapy, nutritional changes and exercise. We learn to...

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The Grieving Process

If there is one thing I know, it’s that grief is a part of life. We can’t make our way through life without seeing or experiencing loss in some way. Loss is painful, and our natural inclination is to step aside it. Acknowledging loss on only a surface level, while...

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Grieving the “Little Deaths” in Our Lives

The year was 2011, and I was finally in a good job and on a solid career path. My boss was amazing, and my team was tight-knit. With less stress on my shoulders, my mood swings lessened and were further apart. Life was good. Then, the headlines hit the newspapers:...

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Meditation As Part of a Self-Care Plan

Meditation. It’s one of those words that brings up instant reactions for most people. For many, it brings with it a sense of spacey-sounding music and chanting. For others, there is an association with religion — particularly Taoist and “Eastern” philosophies. And for...

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The 411 on Coping Strategies

We hear a lot about coping strategies, and it’s not always clear what the term means. Eating better? Exercise? How are “coping strategies” different from “daily self-care?” Do we use them differently? All good questions. Let’s dive in, shall we?  Learning...

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Positive Coping Strategies

As we discussed in an earlier post on this topic, positive coping strategies help us handle the the bumps and bruises life sends us. For some of us, using positive strategies doesn’t come naturally. Maybe we’ve tried before, with mixed results. We may even be afraid...

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Negative Coping Skills & Shame

It’s almost a given that those of us living with mental illness have and use negative coping skills. Often, we know exactly what they are, too. I’ve sat in more than one group reading off a list of negative skills and with quiet nods of agreement all around me. Where...

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And……We’re Launched!

This is it - we're launched!! Join me as I make the announcement! In this video, I share the genesis of the ministry, the meaning behind the name, and the message of hope we want to bring. I would love to get your feedback on the ministry and the video in...

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